Thursday, February 2, 2012

Discovery Can

Note: Arrow should be pointing to the center of the lid on the image above
Identifying letters and numbers are top on the list of concepts to master for my girls right now.  Unfortunately, flash cards aren't connecting with them.  But, hands on activities are.  I also added the element of surprise to make identifying a color a letter a bit more engaging by placing the lid on the can. When cutting the lid please remember to round off the points so that your child does not get poked or scratched (see image above).

After your child has correctly identified the letter/number/color they pulled out, provide them with positive comments and have them place it in another container (ziplock bag or bowl).  If they dont know, tell them what it is and prompt them to say it with you.  It's good to be repetitive and say what it is more than once. The more input the better. Then have them put the object back inside the Discovery Can.

The sky is the limit with this activity.  There are many other concepts you can work on with your child such as animals and shapes.  The Dollar Tree can be a great resource for concept objects; small animals, pom pom balls, etc.

1. Coffee can or any medium to large canister with a plastic lid
    Note: You must be able to cut the lid and the canister must be large enough for your
             child's hand to get in and out while grasping an object.
2. Decorative paper to decorate can with (wrapping or scrapbooking paper)
3. Glue
4. Scissors
5. Box Cutter
6. Permanent marker (to sketch your lines to cut on lid)
7. Small objects with colors, letters or numbers (concept you are teaching)

Many items around the home were perfect for putting inside the can. Here are some ideas...
Pom Pom Balls
Fruit Loops Cereal
Hair ties/rubberbands
Counting Bears
Letters & Numbers
Magnetic Numbers and/or Letters
Number and/or Letter Beads
Rocks with Number/Letter written on them
Puzzle Pieces
Scrabble or Bananagram Tiles

Feel free to share your Discovery Object ideas in the comment section of this post.

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