Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Keeping Organized

With two kids and lots to balance, keeping our schedule and appointments organized is a must.  I am sharing our daily organizer which I was able to create for just under $10.00.  Since we started using this a month ago we have been able to chart vitamin and medicine schedules, My husband's work schedule, school activities etc.  It has been a big help. I don't know why I went so long without one.

1 Dowel (found one for just under $1.00 at Joanns Crafts Store and I cut it to the length I needed)
7 Plastic Frames in 4x6 size (found at Walmart for $1.00 each and they have magnets on the back)
Scrapbook paper
        I had some papers at home from previous projects, I cut them to size and slid them into each frame.  I also printed the days of the week onto a paper, printed it , cut them out and glued them to each.  This part cost me nothing :)  The bottom of the frame is open so I used a small piece of clear scotch tape to secure the paper from falling out of the frame.
String or Twine
        I also used to raffia I had at home so this didn't add a cost to the project either.  On the frames one end shoud be closed so you can thread the string through and tie it at the top giving you a hanger.  Make sure that the length of each string (7 total) are the same so they all hang at the same length.  You can also do varying lengths if that is the look you prefer. See pictures below.
2 Small hooks (I found 2 of the screw in type hooks at my local hardware store for under .25 each)
Dry Erase Marker (I used an old one I had around the house but I imagine you could find one at any office or craft supply store or section).


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